Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, Ted Drescher

Another school year, another telling of the tale of Ted Drescher, the Bausch & Lomb executive whose retirement annuity became the topic of conversation among such notables as Judges Learned Hand and Charles Clark. I had dug up some stuff on Ted before, and posted it here. But when I showed that material to my class yesterday, I lamented the fact that I had never come up with a photo of Ted himself.

Not half a day later, not one but two students had located the image I was missing. It seems there's a photo history book of Bausch & Lomb, and the all-knowing eye of Google Books has captured some of it -- including this shot of the taxpayer in No. 111, Docket 21427:

Thanks to Brad Crittenden and Christine Bushnell for the excellent sleuthing. Chris Huettemeyer was close behind with the same find.